The Long Island Foundation for Tennis And Learning Ltd. a 501 (c) (3) organization was founded for the purpose of enhancing the lives of children and adults on Long Island through the sport of tennis. This is done by providing free or affordable tennis and related skill development/training programs to low and moderate income or special needs children and adults.  LIFTALL was formed in 2014 and received tax exempt status shortly after.  Since that time LIFTALL has been providing tennis programs to the Long Beach community and surrounding areas. 

Our tennis programs may be performed virtually anywhere.  Any usable space is converted into a tennis court.  The appropriate size nets, racquets and balls are all provided by LIFTALL.  Our programs are devised to encourage social interaction , as well as, teaching athletic skills.  Life skills are taught such as problem solving, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, safety and goal setting .  Much of our tennis programs core are developed under the guidelines established by the USTA in their 10 and Under and Recreational Workshop (an interactive on-court training program designed  for tennis teachers and coaches working with players on the recreational level).

Chuck Russell, the Executive Director of LIFTALL, has over 40 years experience in teaching and  coaching tennis and is a National  USTA Faculty clinician teaching 10 and Under tennis for the USTA.  LIFTALL's goal is to continue to expand our programs to the underserved communities on Long Island.