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Tennis Tips by Chuck Russell

Tip #1  What does "WATCH THE BALL"actually mean in tennis?

Certain phrases are used by coaches more often than others on the tennis court. One of the most used is :

"watch the ball".. But what exactly does that mean?

Actually, studies done on sports, vision and movement have shown that it is physically impossible for the human eye to clearly see a ball hit your strings when you play!  But you need to try in order to keep your head still while you swing.  Remember this:  Head motion can be the #1shot-wrecking action in a game

Here are some tips on watching the ball and becoming a champ by next Tuesday....(ok, maybe by Thursday)

1. Try to see the ball when it actually comes off your opponents racquet.

2.Track it with your centered, focused vision all the way in to your racquet.

3. Try to see the ball hit your strings. At best, you will see a "blur". But it will help keep your head still during the swing.

Tip #2 Wall Tennis

Many of the great players started their careers as kids hitting against a wall.  Hours on the wall have helped many US Open champions, and here are some tips to getting the most out of your wall sessions:

1. Move far enough from the wall to let the ball bounce twice before each hit (i.e., hit-wall-boune-bounce, hit-wall-bounce-bounce, etc. Create a steady rhythm ).

2. Do not go for speed, go for consistency (not missing, with a lot in a row)

3. Use sidewalk chalk (a Non-permanent marker) to mark a target 6-8 feet high on the wall.  Aim for it.

4. A typical session includes:

     a. 50 Forehand ground strokes                                                                   
     b. 50 Backhand ground strokes           
     c. 50 Alternating forehand/backhand ground strokes                        
     d. 25 Forehand volleys
     e. 25 Backhand volleys                                                                                   
     f.  30 Alternating forehand/backhand volleys
     g. 30 Serves

This is a basic workout and can be modified as needed.